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3 Easy Crafts For Toddlers

It has been a very crafty week in our house, and I thought I would share our work with everyone so you can get crafty as well. First up we have a good craft to celebrate spring, our tissue paper tree. It is an easy craft that appeals to toddlers since they just have to stick the ‘flowers’ on. Start out with a couple of pieces of coloured construction paper to make your tree trunk and leaves. Cut out your desired trunk and tree top and glue them together, then cut out a piece of contact paper and tape it to the outside of your tree top.
Cut around the contact paper to regain your tree top shape.
I scrunched up tissue paper into little puffs for our flowers and put them aside and your tree is ready for your little one! Once ready peel of the outside of the contact paper and let them have at it.
Next up is another simple on perfect even for babies as well as toddlers and requires virtually no set up. The contact paper collage! I taped a piece of contact paper to the window and provided lots of fun doodads such as pipe cleaners, paper flowers, yarn bits and buttons. We are working on colours so I named all the different colours as he stuck them in place, and he had an even better time pulling the pieces off and sticking them back on again.
Earlier in the week I was at a craft store and they had finger paint in these awesome neon colours so I grabbed some. This one is a classic, we used to do it when I was a kid. All you need is some paint, a toilet paper roll and some paper. I set this up in the garage for messes sake and we stamped away, dipping the toilet paper roll (by which I mean the cardboard tube found inside) into the paint and stamping it on the paper. My little guy really liked this one, and it brought back a lot of good child hood memories for me.
This was our finished masterpiece.
That was our week in crafts, I hope you get a chance to try out some of these simple toddler crafts at home and thank you for joining us, please come again!

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Painting With Tree Branches

So as Gray was pushing his shopping cart around the sidewalk out front he found some branches from our Christmas tree that somehow ended up being left behind when they picked up the tree itself. Well being a toddler he was delighted and proceeded to start ‘sweeping’ it around the driveway. After a while it passed through a puddle and left marks where he swept and that made him even happier, so I thought, why not paint with them? He went down for a nap pretty early and while he was asleep I set up a little paint station for him in the garage. I just set out some paper on an old wipes box, finger paints, and some different branches we had collected on our travels earlier that morning.
Creation Station
When he woke up he immediately wanted to go back outside, much to my delight. After a few minutes of splashing in mud puddles we wandered over to the paint station and he got right into it!

He would paint for a minute, and wander away for about 10 minutes before straying back to paint some more. This was the finished product.
The branches made some pretty cool lines, and I think that when the weather gets better we will travel to the woods near our place to collect different types of branches from the forest floor and try this activity again. I hope you enjoyed this post and will join us again at Excite and Explore!