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D is For Dinosaur Lagoon


   Welcome to another letter of the week! This week we will be learning about the letter D, and I will be sharing a fun toddler activity for the letter D, the Dinosaur Lagoon! Since the weather is so lovely we are always looking for ways to cool down outdoors, and thus the dinosaur lagoon was born! It is fairly simple to make, and has provided us with hours of fun for my little one. I filled up our water table with a shallow layer of water (If you use to much water the dinosaurs will float)  in one half, and added a few drops of food colouring spread out around the water and mixed it in. Then I took some leaves and rocks from around the yard and placed them around our lagoon, wedging the sticks and some branches from bushes into the rocks so they seemed to sprout upwards. Last came the dinosaurs which were set up around the marsh and it was ready for play, see easy peasy!



   I stripped the little man to his diaper, since the water is coloured with food colouring it may satin clothes, and when he plays in the water table very little water is left in the table by the end. I hope you enjoyed our dinosaur lagoon, thank you for joining us at Excite and Explore!


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I am a mom to a wonderful toddler and together we are exploring our world and learning more about it every day.

5 thoughts on “D is For Dinosaur Lagoon

  1. I love those dinosaurs – they look perfectly at home in this small world set-up!

  2. Thank, we had a great time with it!

  3. So great! Featuring on Family Fun Friday this Thursday — thanks for linking up!

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